• Esther Fung - Officer, New Zealand Order of Merit, co-founder of the Chinese New Zealand redress campaign in 1992, which eventually led to a formal government apology in 2002.
  • May Chiu - legal activist and Montreal mother who, to advance the redress cause, ran as a candidate in the 2006 federal election against then-Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin.
  • Normie Kwong - Canadian sports icon and former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.


In what may be his last opportunity to retrace his ancestral past with his father Took, Kenda Gee returns to his family’s ancestral village in Taishan, China. Along the way, Kenda discovers through the stories of the Chinese diaspora abroad that racism has no borders, his journey eventually taking him to Australia’s Parliament in the capital of Canberra, where white supremacy policies and anti-Chinese legislation in the British Commonwealth find their genesis. The episode ends with a Canadian nation still trying to confront its racist past, following the federal government’s official acknowledgement in Ottawa in 2006.

Episode 1: The Loh Wah Kiu